A Walk in the Woods

After Renfaire, I was still on a medieval high (and without a doubt, still am), so I quickly set to work on a new costume. I wanted a way to utilize some of my festival and LA fashion district haul. I had gone on quite the trim escapade in the amazing plethora of resources found in the LA Fashion District, and since I had gone to Los Angeles with the goal of picking up trim for more historical sewing plans, I believe I undoubtedly succeeded.

The Fashion district did not disappoint. Over the course of the next year, there will be more than enough blog posts with costumes featuring my trim finds.

There are also many ways this era’s garb can be constructed, and it’s always nice to have an excuse to play around with various pattern constructions to get different looks. I settled on using a denser weave of green linen I had picked up at Joanne’s before Renfaire, paired with one of my new Jacquard trims, along with over 60 eyelets. Simple, but effective, I was happy with the result of the dress. It’s a little looser fitting, and very comfortable, despite it being worn to trek through the forest.

Since returning from LA, I had finally figured out the logistics of my new SB-5000 flash, to be paired with my Nikon D810. Most, although not including photo shoots done with Ben, of my photo shoots are done with my camera, although the trigger is in someone else’s hands – usually the hands of my amazing friends. However that means the logistics of the camera, and anything else used in the shoots, is mine. So I like to figure out everything beforehand. While taking photos in my living room to test lighting works, it leaves much to be desired in terms of capabilities and inspiration. What better way to test it than by utilizing its assumed abilities somewhere lighting is a nightmare – the forest.

The trees and time of day of forests makes shooting a logistical nightmare. While playing with shadows is always fun, it can sometimes be a limitation if additional artificial light source is not used. It also means everything needs to be planned out according to the weather to provide the easiest work flow. I was certainly tired of those limitations and my SB-5000 was going to be my shield to combat them. And man did it not disappoint. I am more than thrilled with the results.

Here in British Columbia we are blessed with an abundance of amazing greenery. And luckily for me, since we make use of much of these areas on Supernatural, I’ve been able to see so many possibilities in locations for shooting costumes. The drive to Rice Lake has been one of them, and low and behold, along the drive I spotted the ideal spot for our shoot. While the terrain may have been a fair adventure in a dress with a train and only the two of us to carry gear, for the final results, it was definitely worth it.

Photos taken by Justine Bruehler. Nikon D810 + Nikkor 58 mm 1.4f + Nikon SB-5000. Edited using Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar by me. Costume: Clockwork Shadow Creations.

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